Powering aid to the third world

Just 2.3 doctors per 1,000 people (33.3 in Europe). And up to 69 % of all citizens living on $ 2 or less a day. Those are the conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa. So, for most, healthcare is not an option, simply because it is physically or financially out of reach. As a result, a large proportion of the 85 % of African children expected to need surgical treatment before the age of 15 remains untreated, leading to complications, lifelong disability or death.

DEIF and Mercy Ships agree that a ship is the most efficient hospital platform in this region where clean water, electricity, medical facilities and personnel is limited or nonexistent. Since more than 50 % of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast, we can reach more people who need care too. More impact for less money.

Cooperating with Mercy Ships is one of the ways DEIF offers charity help to the global community by doing what we do best. Delivering our brand promise: Power Efficiency.

When power is the difference between life & death 

The largest NGO hospital ship in the world with 78 patient beds and an onboard surgical capacity exceeding 7,000 interventions per year, the Africa Mercy depends on 100 % reliable power supply at all times to avoid loss of life.

Having experienced numerous blackouts in recent years, a power management retrofit was required. A charity donation, DEIF installed and commissioned a solution consisting of four genset controllers (PPM 300), one synchronizer (FAS) and one touch screen (AGI 300).

“The new DEIF system is fantastic and our entire team are delighted with the controls and their operation.”, says Ciaran Holden, Technical Superintendent of Mercy Ships. "With the revamped power control solution from DEIF, our surgeons no longer fear blackouts during surgery", Jens-Erik Engelbrecht, CEO & MSDK board member at Mercy Ships happily states. Ciaran Holden, Technical Superintendent, adds “the delivered system is fantastic and our entire team is delighted with the controls and their operation”.

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